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The stadiums that will soon host the likes of Serena Williams and Roger Federer in the U.S. Open opened their courts to a smaller set of players on Saturday. Children and their families flocked to Queens to take part in the 18th annual Arthur Ashe Kids Day, where they heard First Lady Michelle Obama encourage them
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As we ambled through the Knysna forest, gradually falling behind the faster hikers in the group, conversation turned to the topic of the near-mythical elephants said to still roam here. Once thought to number around 1000, the herd had been reduced to an estimated five females by 2007. None have been seen for years and
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Cornwall, with its hundreds of miles of accessible coastline, is a popular summer jaunt. Yet in the spring and especially around Easter, the sea begins to warm, the lifeguards take up their positions and the surf schools begin putting their boards and wetsuits out. But to get the best out of a visit at this time of year
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